Ritmik Music Services

We make your sound dreams come true.

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Our Dream

We dedicate our passion to delivering the most supreme mastering possible. With our small but powerful Analog Chain consisting of a Cloud Limiter, Manley Pultek EQ, SPL Mix Dream Console, and Tube Tech Stereo Leveling Compressor with State of the Art Apogee Converters at Its core.
We then take the liberty of doing some surgical Clean up with a few Waves Digital Processors to make sure the bounce is the cleanest Possible.

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Studio Services:

Prices per Track

- SPL Analog Summing Mixing
- Analog Mastering
- Combo Summing Mixing and Analog Mastering
- Complete Session Mix Down and 88.2k 24b_Premaster Prep.

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Pre Master requirements:

- Sample Rate: 88.2k
- Bith Depth: 24 bit
- Dynamics: -6dB Peak
- *No processor on the Master Strip please.
- *Send us the Premaster(s) to: villeda@delsetsoundsystems.com through a dropbox link or We Transfer link.